26 March, 2012

Day 14 - Failure and Little Deaths

In order for us to achieve success, we must experience failure.  In order for us to know how to fully live, we must experience little deaths.

I have failed countless times before.  I am not afraid to admit that.  The truth is, saying this makes me feel proud of the achievements that I have so far.  It makes me realize how persistent I am, how determined I am in succeeding.  Admitting I failed is easy.  But having to pick up the shattered courage I have and build up my determination in order to start anew is the difficult part.  I have always maintained a positive outlook on things.  But whenever frustration would get in the way, it manages to push me back in my comfort zone.

I had always considered mysef as a perfectionist.  I had high standards set for everything, even to myself.  And that was the reason why whenever I would fail, I did not find it easy to move on.  Because I did not find it easy to forgive myself for failing.  

The business I started out with friends is not in a healthy state right now.  We are experiencing a setback.  For months, we have tried to come up with ideas to move the business forward.  But most of our attempts failed.  For months I have also tried to analyze and pinpoint why we are not moving forward.  I came up with different conclusions, yet I really could not say that only one of it is causing the problem.  I think each cause I have on mind contributed in one way or another to the slow down of our business.  I feel frustrated.  Yet, I don't feel that we should give up. 

I firmly believe this is temporary.  This is just a phase that we have to go through.  And we'll be able to overcome it.  The vision that we have for our business is bigger than the problems the we are currently encountering.  And I would love to stick to that idea.

Ever since I grew my relationship closer to the Lord, I also have learned to forgive myself a lot.  I am human.  I am bound to make mistakes.  But I am also all set to learn from them.

We all have a huge future ahead of us.  In store for us are big surprises and immmeasurable success.  But in order for us to achieve it, we have to undergo some trials.  Because that way, victory will be sweeter.

I am surrendering to God all the plans that we have.  I trust Him that he shall bring it to execution in His way, in His time.

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