20 September, 2012

Day 19 - A Letter to Myself

Dear 25-Year-Old Me,

Hey, would you like me to share with you a secret?  Are you sure you're ready for this?  This might put a permanent smile on your face.  Are you really, really sure you want to know it?  Well here it is.  You are going to be SUCCESSFUL.  You will live a FANTASTIC life ahead.  You will be able to REACH your dreams.  And you will be able to HELP INSPIRE a LOT of people to follow their dreams too.

Just a few years ago, you did not believe something as wonderful and as fantastic as this would happen.  Well you gotta believe it now.  Because I'm certain It will happen.  You will be an accomplished man.  A successful millionaire/entrepreneur.  An active, carefree and  adventurous traveller.  A knowledgeable and well-loved professor.  A socially responisble citizen.  A loving partner.  And a faithful servant.

I could still remember how happy you were when you reached your first million.  It was through your businesses that you loved so well.  The shoe business that you put up with your friends finally started earning big time!  You did not see it coming but it was through exporting that you made huge sales.  Thank God we did not give up.  We just knew that we would make it.  Now Marikina Shoes are not just popular in the Philippines but it has also made its way in the international scene.

Just a few years ago, seeing the Great Wall of China seemed like a distant dream.  And I knew how unbelivable it must have felt when you finally saw the magnificent wonder of the Great Wall face to face.  It was breathtaking, you said.  And it was just the first of the many wonders that you will see.

You still pursued teaching even though from time to time you would get tired of the repetitious act of daily imparting knowledge to the younger generation.  But your love and your passion for sharing what you know would always prevail.  Now, almost every student in the campus know you and would always greet you with a grateful smile.  Everyone can't wait to have you as their professor.  And every lecture that you had still felt amazing.  You never lost that passion to help students learn accounting the easy way.

And the day you finally met 'the one'?  You never expected that things would always fall perfectly into place in God's time.  Just by the time that you felt you are ready to commit yourself, this person came.  Finally, you met your soulmate.  And from then on, you were inseparable.

God fulfilled His promise to you, and trust me, He would never fail to do that.  Continue to trust Him with all your heart and soul.  He will never fail you.  I knew.  Because I did.  And all His promises I am enjoying now.


30-Year-Old You

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