16 April, 2012

Day 16 - My Special Gift

I have always believed that each one of us has a special gift or talent which is very unique to us.  I believed that, in a way, we are like the superheroes that we grew up admiring - possessing an awesome ability which one would rarely find with normal humans.  And like a superhero's mission, we also were given the task to use our core gift to save the world - or rather to bless more people and attract prosperity.

I just graduated from preschool when I had my first encounter with my special gift.  Back then I wasn't sure if my teachers considered timidity as intelligence because surprisingly I graduated with the highest honor in my batch.  Consequently I was asked to deliver a valedictory address in front of my classmates, my teachers, my parents, my classmates' parents and everyone attending our graduation rites.  I couldn't remember how I felt during the time.  I might have been nervous before I gave the speech which my aunt wrote for me.  But I could recall that it was the first time I was the given the chance to speak in front of the public.

The next encounter came in sooner.  I was in grade 3 and I just transferred school.  When the time came to choose on who should represent the class for a declamation contest, I was easily volunteered by my classmates and I felt I had no choice but to pick up the challenge.  I memorized the piece "The Guilty Child" and had my english teacher as my coach.  We practiced almost everyday and even during weekends.  Unfortunately, I did not get to take home the trophy that time.  It felt awful.  I remembered how I could not get tears to come out of my tear ducts when I was reciting the piece (to make my delivery more convincing) but when the moment my opponent was announced as the winner it became effortless for me to cry a bucket.  I never thought I would venture into public speaking again after that painful experience.

The following year, I transferred to another class and I learned that the student who beat me in the declamation contest of the previous year won't be coming in to our shool anymore.  It dawned on me that complete revenge won't be mine after all even if I join the contest again.  Still, I ventured on the contest again with higher hopes this time.  I delivered Og Mandino's "I Will Persist Until I Succeed" with great fervor and passion that I was able to convince the judges how much I improved from last year.  Ain't the piece very timely?  Needless to say, I won this time.  And year after year success came in as I continued to hone my special gift and shared it to others.

From then on, I always believed that I have a special gift - which is public speaking.  I could easily converse my ideas in front of a crowd.  Some call it charisma, others say that it is something I acquired through constant practice.  But I believe it is something God gave me and luckily I was able to grab the opportunities that helped me to develop it.

Right now I could say that through teaching I was still able to share my talent to others and, more importantly, develop other areas of this core gift that I have.  I still have a lot to learn about my talent.  And I still am left with a lot of space to grow.

However I do not think that teaching is the ultimate purpose of my core gift.  I believe that this is just a phase which I must undergo to improve my talent.  I could see that one day my talent would take me to a larger crowd.  To a lot more people who needs encouragement.  To a lot more people who needs motivation.  To a lot more people who needs inspiration.

This I know will manifest.  Soon.  And so I need to prepare.  I need to sharpen the only weapon I would use on that day: my special gift.

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08 April, 2012

Day 15 - Wake Up!

"If what you did yesterday seems big, you haven't done anything today." -Lou Holtz

The quote above inspired me to write this post.

I just arrived from the retreat I attended entitled TOTAL! The Secret of Big Returns.  It was a three-day retreat organized by the Light of Jesus Community intended for the Lenten Season.  Today the topic focused on giving one's talent and treasure.  And all I can say is that the timing of this talk could not be more perfect.

For the past months, I felt that my dreams had been put to sleep.  For some reason, I felt that the fulfillment of my dreams resided on some distant unreachable star.  And for days I lived with a numb heart.  It has always been like this whenever routine would catch up on me.  And I would be left hoping for a breakthrough to create a change in the monotony.

I have always been a firm believer of pursuing one's dream and passion and I think that is the reason why whenever I would feel that I am losing that burning desire in my heart, I would really be bothered and greatly depressed.  One of the biggest dream that I have is for me to be able to realize my full potential.  Through that I know I would be able to serve my life's purpose, serve God and bless as much people as I can.  The Lord granted me with so many talents which I can use to prosper myself and others.  However, right now, I feel that I am not maximizing all these talents.  I could feel that I have a lot more to offer to the world.

In the talk I attended today, Bro. George Gabriel mentioned that there are two reasons why people say "no" to God or why some would opt to stay in their comfort zone and choose not to showcase their God-given talents.  First reason is that they feel they are ungifted.  I could very much relate on this one.  For most of the missed opportunities that I have, I would say that it could greatly be associated with my insecurity.  Growing up, I did not feel that I am gifted enough.  I would often compare myself to others and end up finding out how much they are better than me.  The second reason given was that people feel they are unworthy.  There were countless times that I felt unworthy of God's blessings.  As I already said before, it has not been always easy for me to forgive myself.

This Lent I want to change the habit of feeling ungifted and unworthy.  Deep inside me, I know I am meant for greater things.  The world is eagerly waiting to see what talents I can offer.  And God's love is enough to serve as a fuel to energize me to finally realize my potentials.  For God is my courage, strength and inspiration.

My dreams took a long unexpected sleep.  But as the Lord rose on Easter, my dreams shall again wake up. And through God's grace, it will come to completion.

PS The metal cross above was given to me by Sister Mel, a missionary of Singles for Christ, also on the day of the retreat.  I believe that it was a gift from God.  It is His way of telling me that He believes in me and in my dreams.  And whenever I would see this cross I would always be reminded of that.

Thank you, Lord.  I shall forever be thankful.