09 August, 2011

Day 6 - Money Machines

If I would make an illustration of how my money right now, monthly income and everyday expenses look, it would not take an expert to tell me that I am on the verge of bankruptcy.  If I won't act now, I might just end up staying inside the house to avoid possible expenditures.  Thinking about it gives me a little despair.  And despair I consider is one of the greatest suffering.

To increase one's income is not really synonymous to desiring a higher-paying job.  Although that would, in general, contribute to one's earnings, in the long term, it would be advantageous rather to desire to increase your money machines or your income sources.  That, I learned from continuous reading of articles about money management.

Right now, as I had decided to quit my corporate career, I am left with only two money machines, my part-time teaching career and a small business I started out with friends.  However, for the next two months, I am going to increase it to five.  Yes.  I will be adding three more sources of income by the end of the next two months.  I am now in the planning stage of a new business and I am intending to launch it by the last week of August or by early September.  Also, I am thinking of getting back in the corporate world.  This time I will be pursuing a career in a multinational company and will be doing a night shift job.  I already attended an interview for the position I was eyeing for, however, I am still thinking thoroughly if this action would fit my long-term goals and objectives.  Lastly, the third money machine would be the investment I will put on the stock market.  My friend and I are scheduled to attend a seminar on stock market investment on September and I hope it would truly guide us and give us the jump start that we needed.  I am very much looking forward to achieving all of these.

Let me share with you words from Paulo Coelho's blog.

Facing despair

A warrior of the light often despairs.

He thinks that the feelings he had hoped to awaken are nowhere to be found. Many afternoons and nights he is forced to adopt a position of the defeated, and no new event can bring back his enthusiasm.

His friends comment: “perhaps your fight has come to an end.”

The warrior feels pain and confusion upon hearing these comments, for he knows that he has not come as far as he wished. But he is determined, and does not abandon that which he set out to do.

Then, when he least expects it, a new door opens.

Today I read about an article by Mark So which tackled on money management.  It was a very good read and most articles in his blog are similarly inspiring and easy to decipher.  You can check out the article and the rest of his blog posts here.

03 August, 2011

Day 5 - Hone Your Craft, Develop Your Character and Learn From Your Mistakes

Two months after I decided to quit my corporate job so I could give more focus on my budding career in the academe, I found myself sitting in front of the internet wasting my time looking for another job which is absolutely the same as that I just abandoned.

How stupid.  Really.

Reading through the few posts I had in this blog and being reminded of the dreams I keep in my heart, I knew that getting a similar job is the last thing I need to make my dreams alive.  Perhaps it is true that humans tend to easily forget pain.  Thus, allowing us to give in to temptations and commit the same mistakes twice.

I have been attending Bo Sanchez’ Feast every Sunday for more than five months now and I could gladly say that it made a huge impact in my life.  It taught me many things and gave me the necessary courage to go in search of what would make me happy.  It just rightfully deserves this space in my blog.

In one of his talks, Bo emphasized the need to finish strong.  In terms of professional career, relationships, personal life and spiritual beliefs, finishing strong, much like success, requires patience, endurance and commitment.  Oh but we all know that.  However, he mentioned two very important multipliers that greatly affect how strong one would finish and eventually succeed.  And these are Capacity and Character.  Capacity is defined by one’s talents, gifts and potentials.  Character is how one uses these.

I was greatly surprised by this revelation for it opened my eyes to the reasons of the major failures I had in my life.  I started out strong (having the right Capacity) but finished wrong (lacking enough Character).  It has always been that way.  I have been blind about it all these time.  I even put up reasons like, “I’m really not a finisher.  It’s just not my thing.”  But, reflecting over the character I upheld in the past years, I had a clear realization of why, most of the time, I fail.

Walking away from a job entails leaving behind the life I used to live.  With it, I hope, I would also leave the bad habits I had and the mistakes I committed.  With me I would carry only the lessons, the valuable lessons and the loving memories.  Right now I just feel very fortunate.  Many don’t get the chance, or afraid of the taking the chance, at a renewed life.

From this time on, I would only walk with faith.  The Lord has been so kind and so generous to not limit me of chances to recreate my life.  I had already been granted several chances before and had miserably failed.  But now I’m dusting myself off and, with more confidence, will brave a new life – a life filled with success and happiness.

For in Christ, nothing is impossible.

PS. The Feast is a prayer meeting led by Bo Sanchez every Sunday, 8:00am-10:00am and 10:30am-12:00nn at the PICC.  If you wish to be part of it, please feel free to come.