02 June, 2011

Day 1 – Defining Wealth and Happiness

I was on page 31 of Bo Sanchez’ 8 Habits of a Happy Millionaire when I finally decided to declare how much I wanted to earn after a certain date.  I wrote, without hesitations, “P2 Million” and “December 31, 2012”.  And it read:

“I will earn P2 Million by December 31, 2012.”

And just like that, I felt committed in achieving this goal.  As I continue reading the book, I began to understand that I need to define my emotional hunger, my emotional why – the need to be wealthy.

I pondered over all the reasons I have.  Why do I need this wealth?  Why do I need to be wealthy?  Why do I need to get rich?

I thought of all the beautiful things that I could do once I have this immense amount of wealth and the list in my head seemed endless – local travels, international travels, photography class, driving lessons, cooking class, luxurious cars, huge mansions, investments, constant date with my mother and my father, helping out the poor, establishing charity organizations, etc.  Afterwards, I felt ashamed of myself.  I realized that my desires are all very selfish.  Prior to wanting to give and share, I immediately thought of the material wants that seemed unreachable at the moment.

I quickly searched through my soul for the deepest desires of my heart –the things that will truly make me happy.  I knew that a lot of the things I thought as my emotional hunger were self-serving.  They will make me happy.  But the kind of happiness these things will bring is not the kind that forever lasts.  When I thought of the one thing that gives me true happiness even when I was a child, I just thought of one thing: relationships.

Right then and there, I categorized in my mind all the stuffs in my head and properly classified each according to priority.  And I was able to narrow down my list of why I need to become rich into three:

·         I wanted to develop and grow my relationship with my Family
·         I wanted to enjoy my relationship with my Friends and Others
·         I wanted to reward Myself for fulfilling my dreams

I felt happier after being able to define what gives me true happiness.  And being wealthy will help me achieve these things.

I passed my resignation as Finance Manager today.  If things go out as planned, it will be effective June 27, 2011.

I received a text from our director a while ago telling me to reconsider the decision I made and ponder over the advice she gave me two days ago.  The truth is, I still am not 100% sure of what my life would become after I resign.  I do not even know if I will survive without a stable job.  But right now, I’m staying positive.  I know God is with me all the time.  So I don’t have anything to worry.

I am filled with great hope and optimism.  I am looking forward to a life outside the comfort zone.  I know I will face greater challenges ahead.  But I will not fear.  For God is always here.


  1. nice thoughts kenchu! thanks for sharing..two thumbs up! :)

  2. You're just making me so proud of you,ken.. :)
    I know you'll get there... you surely will with God's grace..