16 January, 2012

Day 11 - Looking Back and Planning Ahead

It was an awesome day yesterday!  My day started early as I woke up around 3am.  I decided to engage in my weekend morning ritual which was walking and a little bit of jogging around the Marikina Sports Center.  Then, I attended The Feast at PICC, which had a very inspiring topic.  Right after, I met with friends slash former officemates to watch Sherlock Holmes and stayed around the MOA for until around 9pm.  Crazy schedule right?  Well my schedule for the past months has always been like that!  Now you should know why this blog went on hiatus for quite a time.  But now, I'm back!  With greater fervor than before!

Let me backtrack a little and update you of some small triumphs I had which I know would eventually lead me towards the achievement of my goal.  Here are some:
  1. The evaluation I got from the students I handled during the first term of my teaching was very satisfying.  During a faculty meeting that we had, I was announced as one of the faculties who got an "Outstanding" remark from students.  Not bad for an amateur, right?  But that won't definitely make me rest on my laurels.  This actually served as a challenge for me to serve even better and to aim for a higher goal.
  2. I was hired last September as an accountant for a multinational company which operates in the IT distribution industry.  I was back on the rank-and-file level.  But it doesn't matter.  Right now, I am perfectly enjoying learning new skills in this job.  The process I'm handling was quite simple and easy.  And now the challenge is on how I could deliver more from the small process I perform.
  3. The shoe merchandising business I started out with friends did great during the Noel Bazaar last December.  We had an amazing time!  From the planning phase until the last day of the sale, we enjoyed it!  And not just that.  We even earned money while enjoying.  Now I'm looking forward to the fulfillment of our greater plans.
  4. I was able to cross out one special thing in my dream list last December.  And it was "to take my family in an all-expense-paid trip to Baguio".  Oh yeah, I have no idea that it would happen sooner than I expected.  I guess I wanted it too much in my heart that the universe truly conspired to make it happen.  Again, I'm looking forward to new family vacations and trips that I would be crossing out in my dream list.
Time indeed flew fast.  The next thing I knew it was already 2012.  And I feel very excited.  I bet you would want to know why.  Well, it is because 2012 is my banner year!  This is the year that I will become a millionaire.  I am claiming it with all my heart.  I knew God will prosper and bless me more this year so I could bless more people.  He will make my dreams come true.  And I completely trust Him.

Bro. Bo talked about planning last Sunday and since this is my first post for 2012, let me share with you some of the small dreams or plans I wish to accomplish this year (aside from earning Php 2 Million by the end of the year).
  • Start earning a masters degree
  • Invest in the stock market
  • Start new businesses
  • Grow my current business
  • Develop my accounting and teaching skills and start freelancing
Bro. Bo shared a very important thought.  He said that our mind would usually be filled with only two things: Memories and Imagination.  Planning takes a very important role in terms of how we live our life.  If we don't plan, we live our lives based on memories.  But if we plan, our lives will be lived based on our imagination.  Isn't that a great realization of how critical and important planning is?

My next post would focus on my purpose, my higher cause.  I know I have touched on this topic before, but let me do a quick reassessment and reinstating of my purpose.  I know this should have came rather ealier than this post, but I believe its never too late to go back and do some quick fixing.  After all, the chances given to us to recreate our life is unlimited.  So as our opportunities of redefining our purpose.

God bless everyone!  Yes to the fulfillment of our dreams! :-)

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