09 June, 2011

Day 4 – Saying YES to GOD

Today I am saying Yes.  I am saying Yes to God and to His plans for me.  I am entrusting everything to the Lord.  I am surrendering my life to Him.  For without Him, my plans are nothing, my desires are empty, my soul is lost.

I am certain that everything that is happening to me right now has perfectly good reasons.  And in time, in God’s time, all of these will be revealed.  God has planted dreams in my heart and I knew that God has likewise given me enough resources to fulfill it.  I am on the right track, as long as I follow God’s guiding light.

Choosing a part-time teaching career over a large-paying corporate profession has been a very difficult decision to make.  However, after too much pondering, I ended up letting my heart decide on what it truly desires.  Many have warned me that I won’t earn as big in the academe.  And it scared me.  I have always been used to the security of having a stable job.  But I heard God’s calling.  And with great joy in my heart, I fearlessly heed it.

God knew that I wanted to be wealthy.  And perhaps he knew too that I won’t grow as much if I will stay in the comforts of a high-earning job.  I will just be dependent in its false security and be less striving.

God calls me to come out of my comfort zone – to expand and grow my potentials to the maximum.  And I am saying YES.  God calls me to become more creative in terms of generating money machines – to be wiser in using his gifts and blessings.  And I am saying YES.  God calls me to serve with more passion – to be dedicated and focused in achieving the true desires of my heart.  And I am saying YES.

Today I am saying YES to GOD.  And today I am also saying YES to the fulfillment of my dreams.


  1. yes to dreams!

    hi schoolmate! :p
    anong batch at course mo? :)

  2. hehe.. this your first time to teach? hmmm... Bless you! I am sure you will learn more than what you will be teaching =D

  3. @kalansaycollector: schoolmate! :-) hehe. batch 2008, bs accountancy. kaw?

    @prop: yes, this is my first time. hehe. totoo yan. im looking forward to all the new lessons that i myself will learn. God bless you too. :-)

    batch 08 din, AB Comm Arts. :)

  5. naks. very brave and yet full of faith. ang galing! it's good that I happened to drop by your pgae, i like it, much! ;D

  6. I am so happy for you Ken! :) Yes to you! :)