09 September, 2011

Day 10 - Mentors

I have received my God Whispers recently and I was greatly inspired by what it contained.  God's message for me was as follows:

Dear Kenneth,

I have sent (and will continue to send) people into your life who will make you discover the gold within you.  They will see things in you yourself cannot see.  They will make you grow.


PS.  These people are one of your greatest blessings, Kenneth.  Appreciate them.

The message I got was very clear.  To succeed, I knew that I would need the help of others - to mentor me, to guide me through and to provide me courage and determination.  I wouldn't be able to do it alone.  So right now, I just feel very excited for the people that I would yet to know and just thankful for those who were already in my circle.  In one way or another, I knew they've contributed or will continue to contribute to the realization of my dreams.  So I would like to thank them.  And for those whom I am yet to meet, thank you in advance.

Let me just give one very special thanks to one person I consider my greatest mentor so far.  He was a former boss and still a very dear friend.  He was not a perfect boss back then and definitely until now.  But he did one thing that completely changed my perspective towards my work and myself.  He believed in me.  He believed that I had a huge potential to succeed, persisted on honing my skills and patiently taught me, corrected me and encouraged me.  He constantly reminded me of the great qualities I possessed and he gave me the confidence to believe in myself.

Before I got to work with him, I was a very shy associate; always feeling incapable of accomplishing great things and, in the fear of committing mistakes, would rather keep my mouth shut most of the time.  But he changed me.  He changed certain beliefs I had with things around me and especially with myself.  He inspired me to do better.  And I did.  Because of his unfailing support, I was even awarded as the top performer in a training seminar I attended.  I would like to believe that that reward wasn't given not only to recognize my accomplishments but his as well, for being a very effective mentor.

Well, I hope I could get to know more people like him in the coming days.  People who would make me believe in the power of my dreams.  And in the Infinite Power inside me that will make it come true.

PS.  Just recently, I stumbled upon some great videos by Drew Canole and Darren Hardy in Youtube and they provide great lectures on how we could achieve success by believing in the power within us. Search them out in Youtube and go check their videos.  Its awesome.

By the way, if you want to receive your God whispers as well, please check out this site.  It is for free so go grab the chance.


  1. Wow! Nakakatuwa naman ang blog mo sir. It is so different. i love it! :D

  2. Thanks Nimmy! :-) I wasn't actually able to update it for some time now but will surely do within the week. Thanks again. May God bless you more. :-)

  3. Kuya, I have question. Nagtututor kb ng accounting subjects? Nahihirapan kasi kapatid ko, gusto ipatutor ni mama. :)

  4. Hi Raymond. Yup I do. Kung hindi ko estudyante yung kapatid mo ngayon, pwede naman. Contact me here: kdcrisostomo@gmail.com