19 March, 2012

Day 13 - Rise

Even when I was a kid I already knew that one day I will become an entrepreneur.  I believe it was my mom who first inspired me to be one.  It was amazing to think back how she was able to put up one small business after another.  Though it were small businesses, each had its share of success.  My mom's persistence and efforts truly paid off especially whenever I would think about how these businesses were able to support us during financially difficult times.  Indeed, a degree is not necessary to become a successful entrepreneur.  My mom is a big proof.  She did not even finish high school.  But her desire to provide us a more convenient life served as a great motivation to become victorious.

To become successful, it all boils down to one's powerful why.  Why does one want to become successful?

Aside from becoming a successful business magnate, I also desired to become a writer when I was younger.  And you know why?  I had a big dream.  I want to touch people's lives.  I want to create an impact to as many lives as possible.  And I dreamt of making this come true through writing.  When I said I wanted to touch lives when I was younger, all I thought what I wanted to do was to stir emotions from people's hearts.  But I was wrong.  As I grew older, I realized I wanted more.

Long before President Noynoy Aquino occupied the highest office in the land,  I already had a strong belief that one day the Philippines will rise again and our people will never have to experience poverty anymore.  I am very happy that right now, people are becoming positive that we'll be able to achieve this.  Yes, I have great hopes for the Philippines.  It is one my biggest dream - to see the Phillippines rise.  And you know what's creazier than that?  To know that I have contributed significantly to the rise of our country.  My dream of touching people's lives has now evolved into a more defined objective.  I want to tranform my fellow Filipinos' lives.  I want to make it better.

And I would be able to do that more effectively when I become I multi-millionaire.  I would be able to serve more people.

I love the Philippines very much.  That is my sole reason why working abroad has never been an option for me.  I feel very proud whenever I say that, amidst the economic problems that the country is facing, I deeply believe that I could still make it here.  I will become a multi-millionaire here in our country.  And I think that is one of my greatest purpose - to help my country and countrymen rise.

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