04 September, 2011

Day 8 - Infinity in Cycles

As De La Salle University marked its 100-year-old presence in the Philippines during the year, the academe also welcomed me as an amateur part-time lecturer.  It amazes me until now how a prestigious, well-respected and established institution hired me to become one of its educators.  It wasn't everyday that one encounters such opportunity.  And I seized it.  Before I knew it, I was already in front of a class and enthusiastically explaining some accounting principles.

I was more than grateful for the school's confidence in my potential.  It did not occur to me, even in my wildest dreams, that one day I would be offered this chance to make an impact to my fellow youth's dreams through the institution's education system.  Perhaps what Elizabeth Browning said was true all along, that God's gifts put man's best dreams to shame.

Time indeed ran very fast for before long another semester was about to start.  Just last week I could still remember how I carefully computed for the final grades of my students and now I already needed to prepare for the policies discussion and assignments that I would give on the first day of the class.  I was just surprised at how quickly time flew and excited on the new classes that I would be handling.  I was given additional units to teach this semester and was very happy with the positive feedback that I got.  These just gave me the right amount of inspiration to strive to become better at what I do.

However, until now I would get from people a very familiar question.  I can not blame them since everyone knew how much I adored my beloved alma mater.  Why not teach in UST?

This has been asked to me several times already and just to document my response, let me put it in writing.  First, even though I am now teaching in La Salle, this does not diminish even a bit my love, respect and gratitude to my alma mater.  I still adore my four-century-old university and in any moment that it would need my service, I would not hesitate to volunteer myself.  Deep inside me, I still hold the Thomasian ideals and values I developed during my stay in the university.  And I would not trade that for anything in the world.  But, La Salle opened doors for me.  It provided me the opportunity that I was long seeking.  And that is enough reason for me to grab the chance and hone my talents there.

I still dream of coming back to my university one day and to have the chance to share with my schoolmates the knowledge and learning I accumulated since I stepped out of the university and into the real world.  For now, I would put more focus on developing my techniques and perfecting my ways - to prepare myself in the event that my dream above comes true.


  1. After all, UST has been the school that honed us to partly who we are now. :)Di ko alam schoolmate pala kita. BTW, my sister is taking up accountancy at La Salle.

  2. @Raymond hello there, schoolmate! :-) kamusta na ba dyan sa UST? tagal na rin since i last visited. good luck on your studies! medyo mahirap yang course na napili mo. :-) send my regards to your sister as well. :-) God bless always.

  3. Aspiring educator here! :p
    And I'll be honest, I don't want to teach in my alma mater right after graduating (although of course I'm not sure if they'll even hire me, haha) for material reasons.

  4. Eto ganun parin andameng developments.hehe :) Thanks! I hope you do well teaching baka nagging estudyante mo pa kapatid ko :)